Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love at Home

This past week I was reading the conference edition of the Ensign magazine and it was filled with the spirit as I read the talks from our prophet and apostles from our April General Conference. I know that they have been called and chosen by Jesus Christ to lead His church here on the earth at this time. I love learning from them and following their council; and know that if we do we can be safe from the evil influences and temptations of the world.
I loved the talk, "For Peace at Home", by Elder Richard G. Scott. In his talk he says that “regardless of your circumstances, you can center your home and your life on the Lord, Jesus Christ, for He is the source of true peace in this life."
I know that to be true. As missionaries we go into many homes every week. We can instantly tell from the spirit in their home who is centering their family and their lives on Jesus Christ and who is not. There is a big difference in the feelings that are there and the love between the individuals of that family. I know that in my own family we strived to center our lives on Jesus Christ. It didn't come over night, but instead took time and work. Love at home is not a gift, it is acquired. Trials and challenges do come, but I know that as we build our lives and our homes upon Jesus Christ we can experience true happiness and peace every single day. I am so grateful … so grateful … that I was raised in a loving home and in a family that cared for me and my happiness. I know that any family that applies the principles of the gospel can have such a home. It starts with daily personal and family prayer, family scripture study, and setting aside time each week to be together as a family. These are small things, but they make such a difference in the spirit of a home.
One day, I want to build my home on a foundation that rests on Jesus Christ. There is so much joy that comes when we strive to apply what He taught in our homes. There can be such love at home, and I want my home to be a sanctuary for my children … a safe place in which they feel secure and protected. I am grateful for parents who provided that sanctuary for me. I never felt scared when I was home. It wasn't until I left home that I truly appreciated the spirit that always resided there. Our homes can be heaven on earth; they truly are what we make them to be. There is such a special feeling when I walk into a families' home that holds the spirit of the Lord … I feel like I am home. Our Heavenly Father wants us all to be happy and have peace. He wants us to feel of His presence here in this life. With the turmoil of the things around us, we need love at home more than ever, and it is through building our homes on Jesus Christ that we can do so.
Los Quiero,
Elder Vance

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