Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Remember Me

Santa Rosa, California is the best mission in the world! These next two weeks are going to be nuts; we just got word that we are receiving an additional 9 missionaries on top of the 20 that are coming next week from the MTC. The 9 are missionaries waiting for their visas to go to Brazil. It is crazy, but we are excited! Three months from today my mission will be coming to a close and I have to finish strong! I have set goals for things I want to accomplish before I go home. It makes me a little sad to think about , so I try not to, and just focus on the precious time I have left here. I know I have to leave it all out here in the field. It is interesting because every day that goes by I feel like I am coming even closer to my Savior. The love I have for my people continues to grow and continues to strengthen.
Yesterday was Fast Sunday and there was a woman bearing testimony who talked about the famous YouTube video, "Christian the Lion" (see below). The video is about how two friends who raise a young male lion cub named Christian in a big city, but soon they had to release it because it had grown to be too big for their small city apartment. They flew Christian to Africa to let him go into the wilderness of the African savannas. A year later, the two friends returned to see Christian. By that time, Christian was the big alpha male of the pack and they were told that he was completely wild and would most likely not recognize them and be very territorial. When the two men saw Christian running towards them, they didn’t know what to think, but Christian jumped up and gave them a big lion hug and starts licking them. It was a grand reunion full of joy and love.
The woman that shared this story related this to our Savior, Jesus Christ. Before this life He knew us and told us, "Remember me, for I will remember you." We came to earth and have the choice to remember Him or not. Our daily decisions bring us closer to Him or move us away from Him. After this life the Savior will have His arms open and embrace us. Christian remembered his friends and remembered the love he felt from them. How great will be our joy when we have that same experience with our Savior. It will be such an amazing experience. As she related this story tears filled my eyes as I realized that one day I will be in the arms of my Savior. The spirit was so strong and it truly touched my heart. I know that He will remember me and that I will remember Him. Jesus Christ is central to the message we share and the center of my life. My life has been changed because of Jesus Christ. I know He lives and I know He will never deny or forget us, even if we choose to do so to Him. We can always come back into His arms and feel of His love and mercy. Serving a mission has helped me experience a taste of the love that Christ has for each and every one of us, and for that I am eternally grateful. This work we carry out is true, for it is done in His holy name. I love my family and my friends that love me and help me along the path that leads to eternal life. Let us all be as Christian the lion, and choose to remember the Savior every day of our lives, because He remembers us.
Los Quiero Mucho,
Elder Vance

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