Monday, May 14, 2012

Saving Grace

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was able to call home to my family. Most of you might not know that missionaries in our church get to call home twice a year (Christmas and Mother's Day). It was so wonderful to talk to my family. I am so grateful for my parents who have loved and supported me throughout my life. I know that my mom is one of a kind and she has raised me the right way. Even though I have the ability to choose what I do in this life I know that most of my decisions have come from the example that has been set by my mother. She yearns to grow closer to Jesus Christ. From my youth I have seen that, and I have yearned for the same because of her. I know that I have not been the perfect son to my mother but I know that she has been the perfect mother to me. I love my mother because I know she wants the best for me and for my future. She is one of my guides and she has kept me on the straight and narrow path back to my Father in Heaven. Thank you Mom for all that you do and I LOVE YOU!

In Zone Leader Council this past week President Bunker said something that really struck me.

"It is not healthy to seek perfection. We should strive to seek for grace."

Grace is a gift given to us from above. It is granted to us from our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. Grace gives us the ability to do things we can not do by ourselves. In this life we will not achieve perfection. That is why Jesus Christ came, to provide a way for us to overcome our weaknesses, temptations, errors, and mistakes. I would not be here without the grace of Jesus Christ. Life would be too difficult and I would be burdened with guilt, pain, and sorrow. A few synonyms for grace that I found are forgiveness, charity, and love. I love these synonyms because it describes Jesus Christ perfectly. He suffered for us, He died for us, and He rose on the third day. It is through Him and Him alone that we can be saved.

We went out with a return missionary named Jesse this past week. He went on his mission to Mexico and got home about a week ago. The light that beamed from within him was so strong and he was so eager to go and talk to people with us about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He had such a firm testimony about Jesus Christ and His saving grace. It was a testament to me that after my mission this really is not over. There are still going to be challenges and temptation, there always will be, but we all can still have the light of Jesus Christ and have the desire to follow him, forever.

I love this quote.

"We do not prove our love for the Savior only by doing "some great thing". If the prophet personally asked you to go on a mission to some strange and exotic place would you go? You would probably make every effort to go. But what about paying tithing? What about doing your home teaching? We show our love for the Savior by doing the small acts of faith, devotion, and kindness to others that define our character."

-President James E. Faust

I have seen that throughout my life … within my home, with friends, and out in the world. Faith is an action. That is why I love my mission, because I have the opportunity to bring the saving grace of Jesus Christ to all of these people here. They change their lives to follow the example of Jesus Christ and then they receive more blessings. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that ALL can come unto Him. I challenge you all to do a small act of faith and share with others your testimony of Jesus Christ so that they may be lifted up in their lives.

Les Amo,

Elder Vance

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