Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Desire

Time is flying by. It’s crazy to think that I have been out on my mission for three months already. It's going too fast!!! But I am loving every second of it and every day I learn something new and grow so much. I do want to share a couple funny stories/experiences/tips.

1) Don't let a well-meaning, but inexperienced, person cut your hair. I experienced that today.  Let’s just say I left her house with craters in my head. Don't worry; I got a recovery shape up from another church member SOON AFTER.
2) I LOVE talking to crazy people. Actually not really talking to them ... just listening to them is hilarious.
3) Our apartment consistently smells like someone hot boxed it with marijuana. I believe it’s the people that live below us and it seeps through the vents. Miserable=Memorable.
4) It is very entertaining to listen to the people in our small branch sing. They definitely are 100% tone deaf. They don't have a clue what a song is supposed to sound like. They sing loud and proud, even in church with the hymns. Every week I just stop for a second and listen. It sounds like a high pitch screech and mosquitos mixed in there. HILARIOUS and I love their spirit.
5) There are probably 30,000 people in Fairfield ... and 1,000,000 cats.
6) Have found out there are some crazy, rude, and mean people out in the world today; so much hatred and violence. But through Jesus Christ and THIS GOSPEL so many people can change.

STORY #1-We were out contacting and this guy came up and started to talk to us ... his name was RAY. He just started talking to us and he was NUTS! I almost started laughing because he was saying these random weird things, and I QUOTE, "Light is the medium in which Angels and Demons travel. I am A DRAGONSLAYER man. Until I can train other dragon slayers I am on my own on the front lines slaying Demonic Beings. That guy over there could be in the body of Christ. But his trials/afflictions can travel onto me. Through the third eye. Then I go home and yell at my wife and I don't know why. All I have to do is keep the FIRST two commandments and I am a good man, ya’ know? You all are not gonnna get through to nobody dressed like that. You gotta dress how they dress, so you can go behind enemy lines and slice off the head of THE DEMON. TACTICS. If I see someone doing drugs, I’ll sit and smoke a joint with ‘em, to make that common ground to get in with them. Keep doing whatch’all are doin’". WOW. Crazy man … I was cracking up once we turned and left. Dragonslayer; for real? COME ON...hahahaaa

STORY #2-We were in this sketchy apartment complex and we were talking to this guy and these two little shaggy kids were playing by us. All of a sudden a man yells out the screen door. "Hey KIDS!!!! Stay away from them, they're dangerous!" It was their dad I guess. I was thinking that of all the things you could say about us Mormon missionaries … the thing you say is that we are dangerous? Wowww …  haha, I died laughing.

This last week we had a day where we had seven appointments scheduled. We have an average of two to three every day, so the day was packed full of potentially great visits. It was a super rainy day and very cold. We went throughout our day and EVERY lesson fell through. This did not add good feelings to the crummy weather. It was a really tough day because it seemed like no matter where we went nobody was home and nobody wanted to talk to us. We searched for more people and called everyone. But no one was willing to listen to us that day. My attitude was not the best at the end of the day because I felt we had been cursed for the day. But that night I said a prayer and asked my Heavenly Father, "Why? Why would you give us such a crummy and hard day?” But as my prayer continued I realized that I NEEDED that day. The Lord does not apologize for making things tough for us. Because He knows it’s for our own good. I learned that no matter how tough the day is or how cold or wet it may get, I must always have the burning DESIRE to go and serve THE PEOPLE, to bring them closer to Christ. We will have challenges and tragedies in this life, but if we turn to Him (ALWAYS), He will help us. That day definitely was a humbling experience, and helped me see that I am NOT ENTITLED to see the success of my work in the vineyard of the Lord. As long as we work hard, the wages will be great.
Every day I strive to keep that "Greenie Light" … that fire or desire. To talk to EVERYONE I see and to be the best missionary I can be. Thank you everyone for supporting me and for boosting my spirits and strengthening my testimony through your letters. By the way, I have heard that my friend Olivia Baeza is going to the California - Los Angeles Spanish-speaking mission! She is going to be such a great missionary and I know she will touch the lives of many there. LIV, you are EL MEJOR! Anyway,  thank you once again and the next transfer is coming up next week. I am 99% sure I am staying here in Fairfield with my awesome trainer, Elder Rollins. Oh, and we finally got one investigator and three inactive members to church on Sunday!!! YES! It's been hard opening this new area, but the Lord is preparing many people for us here in Fairfield. GRACIAS POR TODOS!!!


Elder Vance

P.S. - Heard "Billie Jean" for the first time in 3 months! Haha, it was crazy. Our neighbor was blasting it and I couldn't resist to stand by their door and listen for a few seconds. Good times. I miss dancing, my family, and friends. But right now THIS is where I am needed and this is where I need to be! Look forward to a post-mish Vance Dance! haha

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