Sunday, August 28, 2011


Wow, it's August 22nd and this last week has flown by! It seems like just yesterday it was my Prep Day, but here it is again. They say as the weeks go on time goes faster here at the Missionary Training Center because you begin to love the people that are next to you, the people that are learning a language with you, and the people that are bringing ALL unto Jesus Christ. I love my district. I am in a tri-companionship and serving as the District Leader. We have 7 elders in our district and 4 sisters. But it doesn't even feel like a district anymore. We feel like a small family that has grown and learned so much together. My new best friends are in my district. It's a good thing I have been writing in my journal every night because I wouldn't be able to remember all the amazing spiritual experiences I have had and the miracles I have witnessed here in the MTC. One of my teachers, Hermano Herman said, "When you are in the field, you and your companion are the only people in the area that can bring salvacion to the people in your area. You are their ONLY hope".  I loved it when he said that and as I was writing it down I wrote "salvacion" instead of salvation. Then it just hit me - that I am beginning to write in Spanish without thinking. The spirit hit me so hard and the Lord told me through the spirit that I can do this, I CAN learn Spanish! I know He is always there for me and I know that without the spirit it would have taken me months to learn the amount of Spanish I have learned here in the MTC. Some days I feel like the language is hard and others it feels like I am really understanding it. It is the best feeling in the world to know that Jesus Christ is leading me on this roller coaster. Learning Spanish has been a humbling experience. It has taught me  how to work hard and to really turn to and depend on the Lord. One of my other language teachers said something amazing. Hermano Culbertson said, "You never LEARN how to do missionary work, You learn how to TURN and to DEPEND on the Lord." Our purpose as missionaries is to bring ALL unto Christ through the principles and ordinances of this gospel. I am so grateful for my family and my friends that have kept me on a straight and narrow path. I know my upbringing led me to this experience and that it will change my life and the lives I serve FOREVER. I have only been here for close to 2 weeks...but I already know I am going to miss my mission. Hermano Herman taught us to, "BE BOLD, but loving in our lessons. This is serious, this is eternal life."  He then said, "The Lord loves everyone, but He doesn't trust everyone. How lucky you are to have the Lord's trust."  How lucky I am to be a representative of Jesus Christ. The elders and I in my district went to the temple today. While I was waiting, I began praying for some personal revelation. I randomly opened the scriptures they had there to D&C 19:37-41. I have never read these scriptures before and wow it hit me like BOOM. A similar thing happened in the temple last Monday. I prayed for revelation and I got it - D&C 28:16. These scriptures are why I am here..because I love Jesucristo.

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