Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last Hoorah!

With a week to go on my mission, I couldn’t help but think of the many times I used to watch the movie, “The Best Two Years” before my mission. It is about four Mormon missionaries in Holland and their adventures there. I can now relate to some of the disappointments, laughs, spiritual experiences, and life-changing moments that shaped them into who they became by the end of their missions. The time has truly gone by faster than I ever would have thought.

In the days I have left, I know I will be able to find more of God's children that are ready to accept the gospel into their lives. It is crazy to see how many people are unhappy in their lives and are burdened down with stress. All of them are looking for peace and a source of true happiness. Knowing it or not, they are all searching for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having the opportunity to talk with everyone about Jesus Christ and how He has helped me in my life has truly opened my eyes more fully to see God's eternal plan for all of His children.

I feel like we have prepared the fields and they are ready to be harvested. I know that each one of our special investigators will be baptized, some of them long after I am gone, but I do have a strong testimony that I have made a difference with them and others. I feel it in my heart. I know that I have worked as hard as I could and given it my all, and I have felt more for the Lord and my brothers and sisters in this world than ever before. There is a bond that will forever exist between me and those I have taught and served, and for that I am grateful. Elder Johansen has learned so quickly and is so ready to help this mission continue to rise. I am grateful for him and for Elder Mahoney, as they both have taught me so much and I love them like brothers. I have loved serving as an assistant and I have grown so much from it. I have had the privilege of serving with two mission presidents and their wives these past two years; I love them both so much and I have learned so much from these four powerful leaders. I know that the Lord changes us when we are willing to humble ourselves and become more like Him … to do as He would do and to be what He wants us to be. Those are things I will continue to work on my entire life, and my great wish is to continue to serve Jesus Christ to the end.

I am also so excited about the opportunity I have to tour my wonderful mission with my parents next week. It is going to be an amazing experience. Thank you all for the love and great support you have given me throughout my mission experience. 

Los Quiero Mucho!

Elder Vance

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