Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Hastening

Elder Cosman and I continue to see many miracles that the has Lord blessed us with here in Napa, California. The area is doing so well. We are working closely with the members and reaching out to their friends and families that need the message we have to share. We found five new investigators last week including two families to teach! I would like to share a very special experience Elder Cosman and I had this past week.
Elder Cosman and I were parked in our car and we prayed to find a family to teach. As we finished our prayer, we looked up and a man was walking down the street with his little girl on his shoulders. We approached him and found out that his name was John. We began talking to him about his family and we found out that he was living with his mom and his young daughter. We talked with him about how our message blesses families and how it is something that could bring more happiness into his life. He was very nice and invited us to come back. A few days later Elder Cosman and I returned to the address he gave us and found him home. We pulled up some chairs outside to enjoy the beautiful Napa sunshine. We began teaching him about how God is literally our Heavenly Father and how He loves us and watches over us. The spirit entered the lesson as he told us about how God has always had a hand in his life and literally saved him from death as a young child. He told us about all the problems and challenges that he has had and how he knows that God lives. We then taught him about how the true church of Jesus Christ, that was once lost, has been restored through the prophet, Joseph Smith. We went on to share that the authority to act in God's name has been put back on the earth through him. As we explained, he paused and said, "That all makes sense. There are so many people out there running their own churches without that authority from God." The spirit was so strong and then I felt inspired to invite him to follow Jesus Christ more fully in his life. I said, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God? We will be holding a baptismal service on March 2nd. Will you prepare yourself to be baptized on that date?" He immediately responded with, "What do I have to wear?!" We then showed him a picture of the white clothing he was going to wear. He then asked, "What time is it at?" It was such a special moment for us. Then he said, "Hold on a second I gotta write this down." So he ran inside and we heard from outside, "Mom, I'm getting baptized!" It was amazing to see how he recognized the spirit and acted upon the feelings that he received to follow Jesus Christ. He has such a humble heart and so much faith. He was so excited about his baptism as he brought out his pad of paper to write down his baptismal date, his commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and to come to church on Sunday. The Lord is preparing people like John everywhere. I have a testimony that God lives and that He wants all of His children to return to live with Him again. That is why I am here; to invite others to come unto Christ through baptism. I know the Lord is hastening His work and preparing the hearts of His children to receive this message. I love my mission because I have an opportunity and privilege to see this whole process of a child of God, with my brothers and sisters becoming converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite you all to pray for John as he prepares for his baptism, which has been set for March 2nd at 7pm. I love you all and thank you for your continual support and love.
Doctrine &Covenants 88:73
"Behold, I will hasten my work in its time."

Los Quiero,

Elder Vance

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