Monday, December 26, 2011

La Gente

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas, because I know I did! Thank you all once again for the packages and loads of "Clown Food", aka candy, haha. I spent my Christmas in my apartment with Elders Rollins, Noris, and Tanner. We opened our gifts and made our calls home. I loved talking to my family. They are so supportive and loving. It's kind of weird because as a missionary you are in “missionary mode” and sometimes you forget that the world is still spinning haha. Everyone else is doing their things and meanwhile my whole world revolves around the people here. I talked to my mom about why I love my mission. It's not because I am here in sunny California or because I am doing what my friends are doing. It’s because of the people. I LOVE the people so much, every single one of them. I have created friendships and special bonds with the people here. I have seen THEM grow so much in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have had the privilege to see that and I have been able to see the "big picture", to see what really matters in this life. In the end there is nothing I would trade for these last five months. A lot of people say that serving a two year mission is wasting part of your life, but I say that if you are NOT serving a mission or serving others in some sort of way, that you are wasting your precious time on this earth.

I had an experience yesterday on Christmas Day that I will cherish forever. We planned on picking up one of our investigators for church at 8:30 a.m. His name is Victor. We hadn't seen him in a month because of his work schedule and because he just had surgery on his bad leg, but he wanted to come to church this Sunday. Our mission leader, Hermano Alvarez, was driving and we were running about 10 minutes late to pick him up. As we were driving I saw a man walking down the street in the distance. As I saw his face I could see it was Victor! We quickly pulled over and told him to come in. He was wearing a light sweatshirt and it was super cold outside, probably 40F plus heavy winds. This was a man that has been hobbled for the last three years because of an accident that happened at work. He was walking to church, and one month ago he could barely stand due to his surgery. I will always remember that experience of seeing Victor walking to church in the cold on a bad leg and seeing his face and his great faith. He was the only investigator that came to church. I love experiences like these because I see the faith of the people. I see them want to change their lives for the best through this gospel.

Every time I lie in bed and think about my mission so far the only thing that comes to mind es La Gente. The People. Even though the language may be different and the culture is different, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same. I love Fairfield and am crossing my fingers I will stay here another transfer! I will keep you posted with my new address if I get transferred, but am hoping I stay here! Thanks again everyone for all you do for me and for your love and support. AMO MI MISION!!!!!!

Les Amo Muchisimo!
Elder Vance
p.s. Today we have some time to play some hoops!

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