Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Voice Can Still Be Heard

HOLA USTEDES! This last week has flown by and was definitely better than my first week. I am finally starting to understand mission life, little by little. I have so many experiences to share with you all but unfortunately I have to just pick the best ones because I don't have a lot of time to type. My companion, Elder Rollins, is awesome and he has taught me how to really be patient. He has such a sincere heart and such a strong desire to share the gospel with all the people. We had the opportunity to teach A LOT this week which was great. In the MTC, I really prayed to the Lord to prepare people for me and to open the hearts of the people here in Santa Rosa. I can testify that He has done that. This week He has uncovered some people for us to teach that are SO ready to learn and to grow in this gospel. He has prepared people for ME; now I have to prepare and do my part to teach them. I love the Hispanic people here so much and so unconditionally, and there is simply nothing that they can or could do to offend me. I feel like some of our investigators are literally my family. Every night I pray to have even more love for them so I can focus on them and do ALL I CAN to give them the best opportunity to accept the gospel. There have already been some days when I have looked up and prayed, "Lord, I am having a rough day, I need help. Please help me". And after that it seemed like I had the determination, energy, and the desire to do more and be better. I know during those moments He looks down on me and says, "Keep going my son; keep going”. He carries me and He carries all of us. He is there for us, and He ALWAYS loves us, no matter what we do.

This past Saturday we met Elias. He was a former contact by Elder Tanner y Glaus (they are the two other Spanish missionaries in our branch). We went over and Elias let us in. He makes marble counters for a living and is actually a pretty well-off man. He is a young father of two little kids and has a wife. He let us in and we talked to him more about La Restauracion. He was taught once before by the other two missionaries and he loves history. We shared Lesson 1 and the First Vision. His eyes lit up every time we dove into the Book of Mormon. We turned to Joseph Smith History and he said, "I WANT THAT"! We were shocked because he is so prepared and his desire to learn all about the gospel is incredible. We told him we could get him a triple combination and he was so excited. He is one who has been prepared by the Lord. I know that in a couple of years he is going to be an amazing elder’s quorum president. If we do our best and work hard I know the Lord comes through. We had been working hard for almost two weeks and then Elias came into the picture. The Lord provides a way for His children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Never be afraid to talk to anyone. YOUR VOICE can change someone's life. Be a missionary before, during, and after your mission. This gospel is available for EVERYONE. I have talked to people that look like they would never accept or be open to our message, but they ALWAYS need it, and once they feel the spirit, EVERYTHING changes. I love this gospel and missionary service. Without missionary work, I would not be on a mission and possibly not even on this earth right now. Look at everyone as a child of God. Your whole perspective will change. I love my mission and everyone here. Remember that only through Jesus Christ can we be saved. 

Les Amo,

Elder Vance

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